Course approval criteria

When a course is shared on, it is assumed that the publisher has the authority to publish the course under one of the Creative Commons licenses i.e. all course content is available under a CC license AND the publisher is the course creator or they have permission from the course creator.

This blog post about sharing courses explains how (and when) to share your course. Please read it carefully.

In addition, the course should satisfy all of the following criteria for it to be approved for sharing on

  1. The course must contain at least one useful, interactive activity (in addition to the news forum which is automatically created in a new course). Note that a course fragment is acceptable as well as a course containing a number of activities. Courses which are merely lists of documents, static pages or URLs will not be approved.
  2. The course must not contain any illegal, insecure, or copyrighted content.
  3. If the course is for download, the course backup file should be be less than 250MB, though a file size of less than 20MB is recommended. To reduce the file size, multimedia content may be hosted in a repository such as YouTube.
  4. If the course is for people to enrol in
    • Visitors must be able to actually enrol in the course i.e. email-based self-registration must be enabled for the site and self enrolment must be enabled for the course. If there are restrictions on  accepted email accounts, these must be made very clear in the course description.
    • The course must not require an enrolment key.
    • If payment is required to access the course, the cost and  instructions for paying must be made very clear.

We do our best to check that all courses satisfy these criteria and aim to approve courses within 48 hours, though it can sometimes take a little longer, so please be patient.

If you require your course to be approved urgently, or if you notice any course which does not satisfy the above criteria, please contact us (login required).

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 4:36 PM