Database presets

A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

If you have a database preset that you'd like to share, please add an entry! (Entries require approval before they are viewable by everyone.)

Database with CSS and Javascript

存档(ZIP) BDD avec CSS et

Moodle version:

Educational level: Any

Language: French
Licence: Creative Commons
Tags: database, css, javascript, print, table, display, publication

Add entry:
  • Drop-down menu for the name
  • Display of the desired table for the entry
  • Control for display or not the appreciation
  • Shortcuts to go at the bottom
View single:
  • Header and footer
  • Central zone following the required controls in the new record
  • Print Button
  • Footer at the bottom of the print page
View list:
  • Sheet
  • Pictograms with shortcuts for printing or modification
  • Name and picture of the creator
  • Creation Date
  • Change Date

More information :

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