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A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

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Educational level: Any

Language: English
Licence: Creative Commons
Tags: database, flashcards

This preset uses CSS and javascript to create a flashcard experience for students using the Database Activity.  Complete with "flipping" flashcards this preset will allow you to add photos, videos (in the textbox), and text on the front and back of the flashcard.  There are two buttons: Flip the Card and Random Card.  Flip the Card button flips the flashcard while the random button "shuffles the deck" and loads a random database entry.  We even added a HTML anchor so that when a random flashcard button is pressed and the new page is loaded it will focus the student to the flashcard.  This really helps with scrolling.

NEW:  Added previous and next buttons.

NEW:  Fixed Buttons so that they work without JQuery.

Using this Database Preset and Sharing it Sitewide on your Moodle

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