Database presets

A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

If you have a database preset that you'd like to share, please add an entry! (Entries require approval before they are viewable by everyone.)

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Name Tags
Support Log/HelpDesk Ticket Tracker helpdesk, support ticket log   More 
6 image Comic Book Styled Story Page database preset   More 
Flashcards database, flashcards   More 
Creating dependent menus Dependent menus, Tips, Examples, Database, Javascript, CSS, Hidden, Dropdown. Search, Layout, Presentation, Continent, Countries   More 
Calculable Database Database, Javascript, CSS, spreadsheet, Tips, Examples, Layout, CSS, Presentation   More 
Research Database Comparative China-West History History, Research, Comparative, Evidence, Bibliography, Geography   More 
Database Tips and Examples Tips, Examples, Profiles, files, Images, Galley, Bank, Search, Layout, CSS, Blog, Recourse, Portfolio, Workbook, Presentation, Survey, Software, Regalia, Index, CRM   More 
Personal Journal Database database, journal, privacy settings   More 
Journal Database Preset-One entry for each week database, journal, privacy settings   More 
Internal Verification (IV) Database Template teaching, learning, IV, internal, verification, database   More 
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