Database presets

A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

If you have a database preset that you'd like to share, please add an entry! (Entries require approval before they are viewable by everyone.)

Educational level:

Name Tags
Time and Day Tracker Database, Calculation, Sum, Total, Time, Day, Tracker, spreadsheet, Layout, CSS    
Database with CSS and Javascript database, css, javascript, print, table, display, publication    
Reflective Journal database, reflection, journal, privacy settings    
Personal Action Plan database, action plan, privacy settings    
Build Student Vocab Using the Frayer Model    
Community Service Log (with calculated total hours) community service, calculated database, hourly log    
Student-built Webpages student-built content, team activity, web page project    
Course Resource Repository course resource repository, resource approval system    
Post-First Discussion Forum post-first discussion forum, Q&A forum alternative    
Private Dropbox for Clinical Rotation Journals dropbox, group activity, document submission system