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Educational level:

Screencast-O-Matic is a fairly inexpensive, subscription-fee tool (cloud-based with an option to install a desktop recorder) for recording screencasts, editing videos and storing and sharing them with other users.

Info on how to integrate it with Moodle via LTI:

The tool's URL to enter as the LTI tool is:

(after saving it will change to

For best viewing experience when adding / editing the tool, open the Show More section in the LTI tool's settings and for "Launch container" choose "Existing window" or "New Window", as the full-screen view button unfortunately does not work as expected when embedded or default launch options are selected.

NOTE: It IS possible to get at the embedded video's target URL - **even** if the video is passsword protected, I'm afraid. Once a user gets to the source page, they will even be able to download the original video. It takes some "hacking",, but is possible. In this sense Screencast-o-matic's own platform for storing videos is not secure or private enough. I conducted my tests several months ago, but I don't think this has changed.

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