User tours

User tours are customisable and allow administrators to create tours of Moodle to introduce new features, important information and much more.

Editing a quiz / Bearbeiten eines Tests (German): ( /mod/quiz/edit.php% )

Das ist die deutsche Übersetzung der Tour zum Bearbeiten der Inhalte eines Tests.

This is the German translation for the user tour on editing the contents of a test activity.

Path: /mod/quiz/edit.php%
Languages: German / Deutsch (de)
Moodle version: 3.1
Contributor: Guido Roessling

JSON text tour_export_14_1467369561.json

Entry added by Guido Roessling - Paraire, 1 Hōngoingoi 2016, 6:40
Last modified - Paraire, 1 Hōngoingoi 2016, 7:32