Boost presets

Boost is an extremely flexible theme that allows direct customisation via uploading a "Preset" file (no plugin installation required). The preset file contains a list of SCSS instructions which is used to generate the new stylesheets for the theme. 

Preset files can be written from scratch or imported from a Bootswatch file.

Name: Color Function Preset

The Color function preset allows to change all the main colors of the theme just selecting a new brand color in the Boost settings page. It is possible because all the main colors are obtained by Sass functions over the brand color. It is not necessary to code to use this preset, just install and change the brand color in the Boost settings page.

The preset is based on the default Boost preset with a few style rules added for increase the visual impact of the colors.

To see a comparison between the Boost color palette and the Color Function palette and some suggestions of brand colors to use with this preset click here.

The preset with the default color looks like this:

Preset preview

Just changing the brand color to brown (#b16740) and the theme will looks like this:

Preset preview brown

Read more about or fork this preset on GitHub.


  • Download the Color Function Preset.
  • Go to the Boost settings page (Dashboard > Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Boost).
  • Click to add Additional theme preset files and upload it.
  • Save changes to view your new preset option in the Theme preset dropdown.
  • Select the new preset in the Theme preset dropdown and change the brand color if you want.
  • Save again and it's all done.

Version: 1.0
Moodle versions: 3.2
Preview: Color Function Preset Preview
Preset file: text/x-scss preset-colorfunction.scss
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