Competency frameworks

Moodle includes support for many new features designed to support Competency Based Education.

Competency frameworks are a hierarchical list of Competencies, usually defined by a standards body or central authority.

Competency frameworks can be imported and exported from Moodle in CSV format via Site administration / Competencies / Import competency framework.

Name: Australian Curriculum - Humanities and Social Sciences F-10

Imported from with

Framework File: ལྷོད་རྟགས་ཀྱི་ སོ་སོ་འཕྱལ་འཕྱལ་བའི་གནས་གོང་ཚུ་ Humanities and Social Sciences F-10-201609Humanities and Social Sciences F-10-20170106_0807-comma_separated.csv
Version: /2016/09
Entry added by Damyon Wiese - གཟའ་སྤེན་ཕ་, 6 ཟླ་བ་དང་པ་ 2017, 4:09 ཕྱི་ཆ
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