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Lean Project Management

With most of us facing intense pressures to reduce the costs and speed up the delivery of our projects, we find ourselves grasping for techniques that will help.  While some techniques such as agile project management help us address this need, there are additional techniques borrowed from the manufacturing world that can further reduce costs and shorten our project delivery cycles.  These additional techniques are often described as being "Lean". This 2-hour online course (based on a popular webinar) describes the background behind these lean approaches and covers the basic lean techniques.  Then, the course addresses the most effective tools and techniques that lean proponents use to improve overall workflow.  Session 1 (Eliminating Waste) covers the eight types of waste, the five elements of lean, the four rules of lean, and one technique that can is designed to rapidly identify and reduce sources of waste on your project. Session 2 (Improving Workflow) focuses on the lean processes that are most applicable in a project management context.  The course uses practical project examples to illustrate tools and techniques such as kanban and line balancing, process mapping, DFMA, DFEU, and one-piece flow. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready. $79.95 2 PDUs/CDUs/CEUs
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Self-Directed Online Learning.  Uses sound, video, and interactions.