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Level 2 Food Safety Course in Catering

EC Regulation 852/2004, Annex II, CHAPTER XII requires that Food Business Operators are to ensure that food handlers are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activity; TARGET AUDIENCE This course is aimed at anyone working in catering or hospitality whether employed or self employed, working in restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, takeaways, cafes, bars, kitchens, catering in hospitals, schools, colleges, and residential care and nursing home type environments.If you are a food handler in a catering environment who prepares and serves food directly to the consumer such as a cook or a chef then this course will meet your requirementsThis is an online self study course and was previously known as the Basic Food Hygiene course. DURATION & CERTIFICATION The training and test usually take between 2 to 3 hours to complete (depending on learning speed). Learners complete a timed 60 minutes multiple choice type exam, comprising 30 questions, and;are required to achieve a 67% pass mark, and, if necessary, may attempt the test 3 times at no extra cost, having revisited the training material. Certificates are printed online on successful completion of the course. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS There are no specific entry requirements for this course. ACCREDITATION This course is accredited by the CPD certification service. On the front page you wil find a link to click on, to find out more about the course programme and learning outcomes. Once you are satisfied this is the course for you return to the available courses icon on the front page and click on the blue Level 2 Food Safety Course in Catering heading with paypal logo next to it ( P ) and you will be taken to the pay pal payment page. If you are an employer/teacher and want to enrol a number of students without using paypal or if you do not have a paypal account, please contact the adminstrator by email : to make arrangements
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Subject: Food Hygiene - Audience: Students - Educational level: Secondary
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