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Train the Trainer

COST OF COURSE: ZAR 2875.00 Although the training functions has always [historically] formed part of the Human Resource Function / Department; the responsibility for training and development, however, falls with the organization.    Competent and motivated employees are an asset to the organization; but unfortunately, often this cannot happen naturally; and effective training and development are necessary to achieve the level of skill and knowledge needed to perform the job.   Training is not, however, a separate activity that can be limited to the training department.  In most instances, in order to be effective, it has to be connected with the workplaces of those that are to be trained. 
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Why enroll?

 As a delegate you will learn new skills which will enhance and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the workplace where it can be measured and evaluated against set and expected outcomes


What would the benefits be for achieving? 

Achieving the Competency, will enable you to fully understand and employ the FULL Training Cycle - 

Needs Identification 

Design a Program [Full Overview; with Practical application]

Conduct the Intervention 

Evaluate the Program 

Review the Program