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Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening

Our West Virginia State University Extension Agents are here to help you learn the basics of raised bed and container gardening.Raised beds are ideal for space efficiency and high yields. The perfect addition to a backyard and a perfect solution for difficult soils, low mobility and young children. These short instructional sessions will teach you the basics of how to build a raised bed, how to plan and maximize your growing space, and the benefits of container gardening and raised beds.
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Creator notes:

West Virginia State University's Extension Service Agents are piloting a new way of getting information to their program participants. WVSU will be using a “flipped classroom” model in which the typical elements of a workshop are reversed. Short videos and workshop information will be shared with participants so it can be viewed before the workshop. Presenting information in this manner will allow the Extension Agent to only need to give a brief overview of the topic at the workshop’s beginning, leaving more time to devote to hands-on projects or discussions.