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Preliminary English Test Revision Course

The cost to enrol in this course is $20. This Cambridge exam preparation course is for students who want to prepare for the Cambridge English: PET. You will improve your general English writing and listening communication as well as exam techniques, vocabulary, grammar and skills relevant to this examination.
Creator: Paul Preen - Publisher: Paul PreenSend message about Preliminary English Test Revision Course
Subject: English Language - Audience: Students - Educational level: Secondary
Language: English - License: Creative Commons - Time updated: Thursday, 4 May 2017, 2:15 PM
Activities : Page (43) - Label (37) - Quiz (13) - Lesson (13) - hvp (12) - File (12) - URL (8) - Assignment (3) - Forum (1)
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Creator notes:
What to expect:
  • Expand vocabulary areas suitable for general topics & for the specific exam
  • Work on grammatical accuracy
  • Practise past exam papers: reading, writing & listening
  • Marked Written Task

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