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SeaSigns Fun & Safety Signing

COST: USD 50 Have you ever needed to communicate with your dive buddy under water?Waiting until your surface interval just to communicate can be frustrating. Whether you are having a problem or just want to point out something cool, keeping good communication with your buddy can make the difference between an "okay" dive and a "great" fun and safe dive.Communication alternatives have limitations...There are many forms of underwater communication on the market today, such as specialized gear and slates. Special gear is very expensive. Using slates can be awkward and slow. Even the hand signals commonly taught lack an adequate vocabulary to truly communicate effectively. Hand signals also can vary widely between agencies which can create confusion between two divers trained by different agencies.SeaSigns is simple and fun!SeaSigns offers a simple and fun solution. Based on American Sign Language we have created a special vocabulary for scuba divers that is easy to learn and easy to use. Our vocabulary is much broader in scope than other hand signal methods.Approved by SCUBA certifying agencies.SeaSigns Fun & Safety Signing Diver class has been approved as a specialty course by PADI, SSI, SDI, NAUI, NASE, and IAHD, recommended by HSA. This makes SeaSigns the most popular and widely used underwater communications system in the industry.About the ClassThis class is for divers and non-divers, snorkelers... anyone! After taking the online portion of this class, you may take your certificate of completion to a SeaSigns Instructor to complete the required in-water work to earn the specialty if you wish. Contact us to find an instructor in your area!The Fun & Safety Signing (FSS) course contains online video, images, and eBook manual. They contain 100+ signs for fun (animal names, descriptions, and locations) and safety.The online videos are playable by most devices worldwide. See how to make each sign, including hand positions and speed as well as the direction of the sign. See how signs are used in communications. Practice reading signs. Review suggestions for more understandable reading of signs.The eBook uses a drawing and written description of how to make each sign plus visual and written memory aids to assist you in remembering each sign. All signs are used in sample messages, as well as in communications allowing students to practice reading signs. Suggestions for practicing signing are shown. Contains an index.For additional practice on the go, download our companion mobile apps!
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