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Unit 19: Analysis of Sports Performance

Aims and purpose The aim of this unit is to allow learners to explore the purpose and importance of sports performance analysis, highlighting the multi-dimensional demands and interdependence of the different factors involved.Unit introduction In elite sport today, it can be the smallest margin between ‘winning and losing’ or ‘success and failure’, but the impact can be massive. Given the huge amount of time, dedication, investment and reward that is involved in sport today, sport performers, coaches, and managers need to understand the importance of observing, analysing and evaluating sports skills and techniques when trying to enhance performance. It is important that all performances are analysed; if you were good, why were you good, and if you were not good, what was different? If no evaluation takes place after performance then the performers may continue to make the same errors or not be able to take full advantage of opportunities when they arise. Coaches, athletes and sports performers must have a thorough understanding of the demands of the sporting activity such as human movement, physiology, and the athlete’s psychological make-up, as well as the technical and tactical requirements to be successful. It is how these scientific concepts and factors are applied and interact within sports performance that allows for the analysis of performance. From this, learners should understand that sports performance is dependent on a multitude of factors for success. Another important aspect of this unit is the level of analysis available to different types of sports performers. For example, a school child in a physical education lesson may perform a basic 1.5 mile run so that the tutor can assess their aerobic endurance. In comparison, an elite athlete will have access to the full range of scientific support, such as sports psychologists, physiologists with human performance laboratories, and comprehensive biomechanical analysis using various information technology hardware and software.Learning outcomes  1) Know the performance profile of a sporting activity2) Be able to analyse sporting performance3) Be able to provide feedback to athletes regarding performance4) Understand the purpose and resources required for analysing different levels of sporting performance
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