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Mastering Facebook Marketing

Learn how to make Facebook marketing work for your business. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of the time and money they spend on Facebook. This 4 hour, self-paced course will teach you professional tactics to maximize your return from Facebook. Learn to manipulate hashtags, interactions, data, and even Facebook's algorithm to your advantage. This course contains the following sections: Facebook by the Numbers - an objective look at the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing tool. Figure out if Facebook fits into your marketing plans by breaking down the platform by the numbers. Posting Effective Content - learn how to maximize every single post type. This module includes step-by-step instructions for posting status updates, photos, videos, events, and offers. It even includes a section about the utility of #hashtags. Expanding Your Reach - discover the secrets to reaching the maximum number of users through organic and paid reach. Get step-by-step instructions on the reach methods found in the options menu and learn about audience targeting. Measuring Your Impact - get a crash course on Facebook analytics that will help you measure and draw conclusions from the data your business page generates. Learn about quantitative and qualitative data, comparative analytics, and how data can guide you to make better marketing decisions. * Premium courses are limited to a maximum of three attempts per module, per user to prevent fraud. Attempts are counted after 80% of the course has been viewed. Refunds are available for users who do not attempt modules beyond the Facebook by the Numbers section.
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