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How to Make Visuals

This is the first of the Visuals Course Series. This module explains and shows the different types of visuals that can be used by care staff, a parent or carer at home, or others in a professional care setting to use with anyone who may have difficulty communicating with the spoken word, for whatever reason.Presented by Marijke Morris of CATTS Ireland, Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy Services. Module Information Duration        Tracked         Test        Fee        Payment         07:00 Mins YES NO  FREE Once Off
Creator: Joe Morris - Publisher: Joe MorrisSend message about How to Make Visuals
Subject: Health (Other) - Audience: Students - Educational level: Association
Language: English - License: All rights reserved - Time updated: Wednesday, 13 April 2016, 5:05 PM
Activities : Lesson (1) - certificate (1)
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Creator notes:

This is a course on how to properly create visuals for use with people with communication difficulties.

This is a basic introduction which can be of use to parents, carers or nurses in residential settings with children or adults with intellectual disabilities, or with people who are non-verbal on the autism spectrum.

There are three paid follow on courses which can be taken after this, which are available on the website 

The complete set of courses have had considerable success in Face to Face environments, however the long term benefit of having on demand access to the course to facilitate changeover in staff, refreshing the concepts involved, etc. has been a long standing request from past participants.