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This training will provide you with the basics of testing in projects using an agile development approach. You will get the most out of the course, if you already have some basic formal training and/or experience as a Software Tester. However, you are also welcome to join the course if you are just starting to learn and/or work in this area.Our 3-weeks course will provide you with information and hands-on exercises on:The Foundations of Testing, i.e., the purpose of testing, the important terms, and the testing processThe Foundations of Agile Development and Behavior Driven DevelopmentThe Foundations and some first practical experience in reviewing and using user stories from a tester's perspective, writing acceptance criteria, and applying the Given-When-Then practice to specify tests by example.Our training will enable you to apply early testing in the development of software using both agile and traditional project approaches,describe differences between agile and traditional project approaches, andexplain to your project peers about advantages of applying BDD.For more information about the course contents please refer to the Overview Syllabus and Learning Objectives. Please also watch our short intro video: welcome to this MooC.This course was developed in cooperation of Software Validation GmbH (Switzerland) and the University of Freiburg (Germany).Enjoy!
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This course is created in collaboration with the University of Freiburg, Germany and SALTuniv, India to evaluate effectiveness of peer assessments.