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IT Security Analyst (ACCERT3012)

Description: Study materials and tests to certify your basic skills in understanding the basic security concerns, vulnerabilities, common attacks and countermeasures that may affect most computer systems. IT Security Analysts are also known as "Ethical Hackers". Number of questions: 30 (Multiple-choice) Time limit: 1 hour. Attempts allowed: One (1). Study guides: Downloadable PDF, videos, etc. Pre-test time allowed: 90 days. Credential awarded: Certified IT Security Analyst. Form of credential: Digital with verification code. (Hard-copy optional). Certification validity: Lifelong. Cost: 6,- USD.
Creator: Angel van Delden - Publisher: AntilleanCollege.comSend message about IT Security Analyst (ACCERT3012)
Tags: security,it,hacker,prorat,trojan,penetration,attack - Subject: Systems Analysis and Design - Audience: Students - Educational level: Tertiary
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An entry level certification test for "ethical hackers", including preparation ebooks and videos.