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Socially Networked Learning

Obj: Participants will complete this module with an understanding of the affordances and limitations of leveraging social media in formal learning spaces. EQ: How can social media help teaching and learning in my classroom? What resources are available for guiding and informing my thinking around the use of social media in the classroom? What are important considerations and implications of social networking in teaching and learning?
Creator: St. Vrain Valley School District - Publisher: St. Vrain Valley School DistrictSend message about Socially Networked Learning
Tags: social media, collaboration, connectivism, professional learning, professional development, svvsd, 1:1 - Subject: Education - Audience: Educators - Educational level: Secondary
Language: English - License: Creative Commons - No Commercial - Time updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2014, 6:20 PM
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Creator notes:

This course is was created as part of a collection of 1-2 hour self-paced professional learning modules as our district moves to a 1:1 device-to-student ration in our secondary schools. You can learn more about the modules here.