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Step by Step with Lesson:Examples

This course was created for a workshop run by Mary Cooch at the Mountain Moot 2013 where participants learned how to create Moodle Lessons. There are three lessons available to try as students and a fourth which was built together as an introduction to lesson construction. I have also included the slideshow presentation used during the course of the workshop.
Creator: Mary Cooch - Publisher: Mary Cooch - Contributors: Estelle CoochSend message about Step  by Step with Lesson:Examples
Tags: Lessons - Subject: Education (Other) - Audience: Students - Educational level: Tertiary
Language: English - License: Creative Commons - Time updated: Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 2:43 PM
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Creator notes:

This is a course with sample lessons for teachers to try as students as a lead in to a training session on how to make Moodle lessons.