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Moodle Course Assessment Celebrity Flatshare

This was originally a workshop at the Dublin Moodle Moot 2013 and is aimed at teacher, lecturers, learning technologists and trainers who already have worked with Moodle and want to explore the options available for graded assessment in Moodle 2. The course is designed to give a fun introduction to Moodle's graded and gradable activities - forum/glossary/database/assignment and quiz by placing the participants in the situation of a Reality TV show. Details on  on how to run the course are  available on the blog post
Creator: Mary Cooch - Publisher: Mary CoochSend message about Moodle Course Assessment Celebrity Flatshare
Tags: Moodle training, gradebook, gamification - Subject: Education (Other) - Audience: Educators - Educational level: Tertiary
Language: English - License: Creative Commons - Time updated: Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 10:33 PM
Activities : File (2) - Forum (1) - Database (1) - Glossary (1) - Quiz (1) - Assignment (1)
Creator notes:

This course was designed to introduce Moodle's gradebook to teachers and other experienced user of Moodle. As the participants (contestants) progress through the course they use and learn about different grading features and methods.