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School IPM

The Texas School IPM is a course designed for Texas School IPM coordinators to use for educating teachers and staff on requirements for school integrated pest management in Texas. The second course is for use with teachers who have a garden project on school campuses. For more information, contact Janet Hurley (
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Creator notes:

This course is to help educate K-12 teachers, administrators and others about their role in the school IPM program.  This course is designed as a stand-alone class with no other introductory materials.  This course should help teachers understand what is integrated pest management, why it’s important to the health of a school building and how they can help keep their area pest and pesticide free. 

There is also a section on school gardens.  For those teachers who have a school garden or plan on starting one, this course is a great guide on the do’s and don’ts of a school garden in TX.